3daysofdesign is Denmark’s annual design event showcasing a curated selection of work from a variety of creative talents – from designers, artisans and architects to producers. Meet the people creating cutting-edge concepts within lifestyle, lighting, furniture or interior design.

A Design State of M!nd

There are moments in life that go beyond the ordinary, that add depth and dimension to our existence. Whether it’s art, music or another form of expression, each moment is like a gift. From creative people who are devoted to their craft and to making life more exceptional.

The same is true with design. While functional design makes everyday life easier, beautiful design makes your heart beat faster.

It’s this passion for design that we’d like to share with you. During 3daysofdesign.

Artwork by Jaime Hayon

Join us in 2020!


It’s your chance to experience Denmark as a design nation in the heart of Copenhagen, a capital pulsating with creativity.


Every year, more and more designers and brands have reached out to participate in our event. In the 2019 event edition we were proud to feature more than 150 exhibitors.

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Experience new ideas, exhibitions, showrooms, pop-up events and more for next years 3daysofdesign.
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14th - 16th of May 2020