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Get a personal experience of our 3daysofdesign event even if you can’t attend in person. Our Virtual Room is a new universe just waiting for you to explore. Immerse yourself in our live streaming of showrooms and exhibits. Dive into videos of key players on the global design scene. Play podcasts from new and known talents within lifestyle, lighting, furniture and interior design. We’ll be updating on an ongoing basis during the entire event, so stay tuned.

Going live:

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Exhibitor videos

During 3daysofdesign, more brands than ever will be exhibiting their work. Sharing their thinking at workshops and webinars. And inviting you to visit them at galleries, showrooms, studios and pop-up events. Whether small or large, a start-up or established, every brand has a story to tell. A unique raison d’être. Find out what fuels their fire, their passion, projects and perspectives on design. See product launches and previews of ideas in the making. And meet the people shaping the future – in the present.


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