TRIMM Copenhagen

During 3daysofdesign – TRIMM Copenhagen will participate in the DDcated project in Kongernes Lapidarium during 3daysofdesign. The exhibition is about making the in- and outdoor space float together, and will showcase the many different ways of lounge furnishing by TRIMM Copenhagen in rustic and unique surroundings.

TRIMM Copenhagen is a Danish design company that creates lifestyle products such as furniture and interior with a focus on quality, functionality, comfort, sustainability, and simple design. The aim is to develop simple and durable products, without unnecessary details, that clearly meet several needs. All materials used are high quality so that each piece of furniture and accessory can serve its purpose for the longest time possible.99% of all products are produced in the EU, to secure proximity with our production and proper working conditions for everyone involved with TRIMM Copenhagen. In 2020, the storage facilities were moved to Poland together with production to minimize all unnecessary transport and climate impact.


Lærkevej 15E
2400 Copenhagen NV


The Lapidarium of Kings, Frederiksholms Kanal 29
1220 Copenhagen K

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