Petersen Tegl

During 3daysofdesign – Petersen Studio hosts an exhibition of contemporary architecture and design projects that show, the versatility of fired clay. The designs are supported by numerous handmade and customized samples, offering a rare opportunity to understand the possibilities of the ancient building material.

Founded in 1791, the Danish brick manufacturer Petersen Tegl produces a range of handmade bricks including Kolumba and Petersen Cover, both manufactured according to centuries-old craft traditions. After processing the clay, the bricks are formed in wooden moulds, then dried and fired. The range of water-struck, 100% coal-fired bricks is produced by special machines that pay homage to age-old artisan techniques. The coal-firing endows the bricks with a rich play of colours.

Petersen Tegl works closely together with architects all over the world and is increasingly involved in developing bricks in customized formats and colours for specific projects.

Amerika Plads 25B
2100 Copenhagen Ø

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