During 3daysofdesign – Come and experience the exceptional quality of light and joy of use in their new stylish showroom in the very heart of Copenhagen. During 3daysofdesign you can experience how to become your own lighting designer by interacting with their lights.

Innovative. Holistic. Incomparable. Occhio stands for extraordinary design, exceptional quality of light and joy of use on the highest level. The company started out with a simple yet revolutionary concept: to create a luminaire system universal in design and quality of light, offering the ideal solution for every spatial requirement – and to enable people to become the lighting designers of their lives. Today Occhio is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies and has evolved from a German design icon into an international lifestyle brand. With their positioning in the premium segment, Occhio is evolving from a technically innovative company into a lifestyle brand that represents a new culture.

Palægade 4
1261 Copenhagen K

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