Linie Design

During 3daysofdesign – Linie Design invites you to ‘DIMENSUOUS’

Exploring woven art – a creative space where elements of imagination are fused with stunning handmade rugs. Three-dimensional expressions have a sensory appeal that invites touch and feelings, merging Nordic design and craftsmanship in beautiful surrounding

Linie Design is a Danish design house with traditions deeply rooted in Scandinavian design and expertly handcrafted rugs. Founded in 1980, they are today the largest developer of handmade rugs in Northern Europe, distributing their unique designs to over 70 countries worldwide. Linie Design uses both in-house and freelance designers to replicate the essence of modern Nordic design, using quality materials and time-honoured crafts to create timeless works of art for the floor. The designers strive to constantly reshape, redesign and reinvent new expressions and surfaces that showcase the endless potential beauty of handcrafted rugs.

Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Bredgade 75
1260 Copenhagen K

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