KunstIndustrien has in cooperation with international artist and designer Malene Birger created a new collection of candles entitled: ABSTRACT FLOWERS and represents a time of growth and will to move forward after a period of stagnation. Meet both parties at Den Kgl. Afstøbningssamling.

KunstIndustrien is known for their wax altar candles, which are handcrafted using the best available raw and sustainable materials. The only machinery used is an electric melting pot and an old Grundfos pump. Asides from this, everything is crafted manually by an exceptionally experienced team of candle makers – from preparing the molds to wrapping the candles. Today, KunstIndustrien produces more than 60,000 wax altar candles a year and presents a wide collection of candles. KunstIndustrien’s vision is to focus on sustainability and continue to create State of The Art lines of Candles. KunstIndustrien is owned by the entrepreneurial couple Steen and Britta Frost.

Den Kgl. Afstøbningssamling, Toldbodgade 40
1253 Copenhagen K

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