During 3daysofdesign – Korbo Baskets will show the wide range of usages of the durable baskets for the public space and private homes. From the welcoming and practical Umbrella Bin, to the logbasket, the SPA baskets to the outdoor planters that can be used all year around year after year!

Swedish tradition since since 1922
Korbo are functional and timeless baskets with a history that dates back to the early 1920’s Sweden. In the old days, the baskets were used by fishermen and farmers or anyone who needed reliable carrying and storage that could withstand weather, wind, wear and tear. Behind every basket lies tradition and skilled craftsmanship. The baskets are still carefully woven by hand using the exact same
technique as in 1922 – handwoven with a single wire, completely without welding’s. There are simply no parts of the basket that can fall apart! Perfect for todays busy Juice bars, as hotel, gym, SPA changingroom baskets, as an outdoor planter or terrace blanket basket.
Crafted for life and for generations to come


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