Fil de Fer

During 3daysofdesign – In Copenhagen’s historical heart, Fil de Fer will take you on a journey and celebration of le Tricolore – bleu, blanc, rouge, showcasing ways to blend artisan craftsmanship and timeless style into a modern interior.

Fil de Fer Copenhagen inspires with hand-selected and high-end unique pieces of a time gone by. Sustainability at it’s most aesthetic. Carefully chosen with Danish interior and Nordic lifestyle in mind, giving items from the past a new use and journey.
This year they travelled within their imaginations and sought refuge by surrounding themselves with a story. Often, their home and work spaces have merged.
Pre-loved French and Italian pieces, from antique to mid-century retro, are selected to be adapted, re-homed and re-loved. After all, quality is timeless.
The experienced Fil de Fer team has used 3 decades of dedication and aesthetic guidelines to source bygone treasures from France. They capture our imagination of a France of yesterday.

Niels Hemmingsensgade 32A, 1tv
1153 Copenhagen K

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