What is 3daysofdesign?

3daysofdesign is Denmark’s annual design event. It’s an exclusive event open to the general public, the press, bloggers, buyers, designers and enthusiasts to experience new concepts from our selection of noteworthy brands from Denmark and elsewhere around the world. Our overall aim is to inspire you in the same way that the designers have been inspired by their passion for design, materials and craftsmanship.

What can I expect during 3daysofdesign?

Discover new concepts and trends within lifestyle, lighting, furniture and interior design from both known and new rising stars in Denmark and abroad. See previews of new product launches. Meet the creative minds behind the designs. Everyone is invited to visit the showrooms, exhibitions, workshops and design talks on our curated schedule of events.

Where will it be located?

3daysofdesign offers a series of exciting exhibits and events taking place at various showrooms, galleries and studios all around Copenhagen.

How to get around?

The easiest way to get from one venue to another is to take advantage of our transport service available with a 3daysofdesign ticket.

How much does it cost?

The 3daysofdesign tickets are only 100 DKK and include access to transportation, showrooms and events during the entire event.

Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets are sold via billetlugen. Get your ticket here

Do I need a ticket per day?

No, your 3daysofdesign ticket applies to the entire event.

How can I get an invitation to a private event?

Private events are “by invitation only”. If you wish to apply for access to a private event, please contact the company, hosting the private event, directly. Fortunately, you can access all the other events during 3daysofdesign with your 3daysofdesign ticket.