During 3daysofdesign – Encoded exhibits own lounge collection as well as the agencies Roolf Living and A Nordic storm. Encoded represents both brands in Denmark.
Roolf Living designs weatherproof outdoor lounge furniture and A Nordic storm interior using 95% waste materials in crushed marble

Encoded is a Danish sustainable furniture design company. Encoded is situated in Copenhagen with a showroom in “Carlsberg byen” in the capital city Copenhagen. Encoded combines the sleek lines of Danish design with skilled craftsmen to create a collection of handcrafted lounge chairs with and without armrests, benches, daybed, stools and relaxe lounges. All furniture is made of cow leather and certified untreated teakwood. Sustainability is part of the production and history of every piece of furniture in Encoded. All the furniture comes with recycled seat belts from old cars underneath the leather straps to secure stability, flexibility, and durability. The designs are truly unique handcrafted items expressing Scandinavian minimalism.

Ny Carlsberg Vej 150
1799 Copenhagen V

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