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Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt handbuilds her one-off lamps in her Copenhagen studio, fusing method and aesthetic in plexiglas and brass. In a process driven by colour dynamics, translucence, craftsmanship and systematic method, she constructs the lamps disc by disc in compositions balancing between asymmetry and symmetry. Between order and chaos. Between nuances and pure notes of colour.
The sculptural magic of the lamps, whether on or off, lies in the fusion of mathematical precision and the poetic potential of the colour scheme, which creates a sublime unity that far surpasses the sum of its parts. A trinity of form, function and beauty that sets the mood and shapes the space. Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt’s lamps spring from her long and acknowledged practice as a maker and designer, where mind and hand together create unique works of light.

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