Pop-up nyt i bo,

Store Kongensgade 88, B.
1264 Copenhagen K

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The design collective Rundkant consists of 20 talented female designers. Since 2011, the group has created innovative furniture to shed light on societal themes and challenge existing social norms.


With the exhibition Girls Ex Machina 2118, Rundkant takes the viewer into the 22nd century, when a changing world has transformed the human way of life:


“Like afterpains of human lifestyle, the world is in a continuous process, being influenced by both utopian and dystopian worldviews.”


Girls Ex Machina 2118 exhibits in the basement of nyt i bo, where Rundkant invites our visitors into a fascinating futuristic universe for a dialogue on future furniture.

The exhibition is presented in partnership with Innovationsnetværket Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

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