During 3daysofdesign – CHAT BOARD will showcase new designs shaped for a constantly evolving work/life scenario in a carefully curated joint exhibition, celebrating the synergy of truly great designs.

Since 2004 the CHAT BOARD name has been synonymous with streamlined and multifunctional designs, specifically developed to inspire and facilitate visual communication in commercial and domestic settings, while celebrating the art of analogue expression.
Since the launch of the original magnetic glass board nearly two decades ago, the company has continued to grow and diversify, and the portfolio now comprises a wide range of mutually complementing pieces developed in close collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers.
Never compromising on design, quality, or execution, each CHAT BOARD piece is handcrafted and quality-controlled in Denmark, resulting in sustainably manufactured products that are made to last.



Gallery Avlskarl
Bredgade 28
1260 Copenhagen K

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