Brdr. Krüger

During 3daysofdesign – Located in the heart of Copenhagen’s premium design district, the Brdr. Krüger showroom opens the doors to showcase news and host events.

135-years of premium Danish craftsmanship continues to evolve with new award-winning furniture in collaboration with some of the world’s best design talent.

Brdr. Krüger incorporates the aesthetics of the Danish Modern traditions, reinterpreted for a contemporary audience.

The designs of Brdr. Krüger can be experienced in the local restaurant Noma or Hermès flagship stores across the globe.

Brdr. Krüger’s commitment to excellence, nurtured for five generations, ensures products of the greatest quality in every piece that leaves the family-owned factory in Denmark.

Bredgade 28
1260 Copenhagen K

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