Boffi DePadova

During 3daysofdesign – The Time & Style ēdition collection is born out of a collaboration between Boffi DePadova and Time & Style and presents a selection of chairs, armchairs, tables, low tables and rice paper lamps, that reveal a millenary Japanese manufacturing tradition.

One network, one design philosophy. Boffi DePadova is known for its high-end integrated interior solutions and the ability to combine several different worlds together, entities that interact and coexist in a single context. As a result, Boffi DePadova brings to the table a proposal for modern furnishings that encompasses kitchens, bathrooms and highly customisable wardrobe systems from Boffi; the sophisticated partitions and door systems from ADL, the discreet and elegant collection of furniture and lighting from De Padova, completed by Time & Style ēdition, a minimalist ad eclectic collection inspired by the Japanese design. Everything is finished from the modular shelving systems and essential furniture from MA/U Studio.

Bredgade, 32, ground floor
1260 Copenhagen K

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