During 3daysofdesign – CONVIVIUM + PRINCIPIA + VINA: in bronze PVD, Calacatta marble and fumé oak. ITALIA + MAC: in Vintage stainless steel, black ash NTF, grey Fenix® NTM. THEA + MODUS: in Fenix® NTM nocciola, Gola Profile, worktop Waterfall in Quarzo Tech, snack Canto in black PVD. Modus door in black ash.

Arclinea aims to produce long-lasting and desired projects. While perfection may exist on paper, it can truly be expressed when a project fully meets all the demands made of it: conjugated values. The Arclinea response to the complexity of the project has always been that of merging technical and practical precision, the innovation of space and forms, and that of collaborating closely with Antonio Citterio, not only to produce accessories and furnishings but new living architectures. Each innovation anticipates the evolution of cooking spaces, at the service of a project prone to change, through which Arclinea maintains the great Italian tradition alive, enhanced with a definite design of tools, materials, shapes and everyday-use spaces.

Kuglegårdsvej 13 - 17
1434 Copenhagen K

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