During 3daysofdesign – Gradient is a natural direction in their palette, both in terms of the process and the unique materials they work with. The exhibition will merge their visions with gradients as a central theme through materials, colors and techniques. Playing with new interpretations and variations of their work, highlighting their special methods and contributions to the crafted environment: an artistic approach, experimenting with new constellations of their métiers.
Gradient is a sensible perspective that is always different, yet with a red line that permeates everything they make. Taking a stand against the mass-produced, Gradient is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation via experimentation.

Atelier Aréthuse is an independent research and development atelier of fine-crafted contemporary furniture, objects and art.

Anour create high-end bespoke lighting with uncompromising design and visionary functionality.

Andersen's, Bredgade 28
1260 Copenhagen K

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