During 3daysofdesign – Akuart will open the doors to their showroom in Nordhavn and exhibit their latest product collection as well as a brand new acoustic room in room framework system. On Thursday they will be kicking off the event with talks, DJ’s, live music, bars and food trucks!

AKUART was founded in 2006 with the ambition to create extraordinary acoustic solutions with a strong visual appeal. This is still the company’s main aspiration today. Through a strong dedication to functionality and aesthetics AKUART strives to make good acoustic design available to the largest possible audience. What started out as acoustic wall art has now developed into a full range of customisable acoustic products with a changeable canvas and an extensive collection of artwork including photography, art, graphics, colours, textures, signage and more.

Skudehavnsvej 1, Stack 1
2150 Nordhavn

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