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KONTEMPO is an association that works to promote the textile field in a contemporary context. KONTEMPO consist of Danish-based practitioners within the textile field. Having an international outlook where the focus is on the work of contemporary textiles.

KONTEMPO wants to showcase how the textile field can contribute within art, commerciality, crafts, education and research. KONTEMPO is a platform that allows members to create networks and cooperate within the association and externally with business, industry, municipalities, institutions, other associations, museums and galleries. KONTEMPO was established at the end of 2015 and has approximately 100 active members.

At a time when the industry is pressured by downsizing, outsourcing and lack of knowledge from the outside world, KONTEMPO see it as a task to show what the profession of textile anno 2016 can offer. KONTEMPO’s profession is based on the knowledge and love of materials, colors, surfaces, spaciousness , craftsmanship and aesthetics. KONTEMPO want to reveal what that many do not know is part of the profession: art, communication, research, production, color, patterns, texture, collage, costumes, materials, workmanship, acoustics, art and design – and collect it in a engaging and informative exhibition .

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