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Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

Gebrüder Thonet, founded at 1853 by the famous Michael Thonet and continued with his five sons, changed its name to Gebruder Thonet Vienna in 1976. Museum in Vienna and new beautiful showroom in Torino. Best known for the beautiful classic chairs (Bistro chair) No.14 from 1860, No.18 of 1896, No. 1 1850 and model No.1 from 1850 Wiener Stuhl 1904 a.o.

A truly unique collection of beautiful, light and elegant design in bended wood, which during the recent years has grown with new beautiful products of famous designers like Front (HideOut chair), Gamfratesi (Targa bed + Targa lounge chair, Morris chairs, Allegory Desk ), Nendo (Single curve stools), Martino Gamper (Trio, Cirque bar stool), Nigel Coats (Bodystuhl, Lehnstuhl Hocker) others The Classic Wiener Stuhl chairs are now available in updated new varieties and color combinations.

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